Standardization and centralization in global IT

July 24, 2020

Imagine being able to increase the security, reduce the complexity and enhance the manageability of your IT infrastructure in all of your locations. It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

As an IT decision-maker, you probably already know that standardizing your IT infrastructure and centralizing its procurement is the most efficient way to make this dream a reality. However, its implementation may not be as straightforward and can implicate a lot of trial and error.

Since our foundation, we’ve had the opportunity to work with different large organizations that have successfully transitioned the procurement of the IT infrastructure from a local-to-local (decentralized) model to a standardized and centralized one. This has given us great insights on the challenges organizations face when trying to implement standardization and centralization.

That’s why we decided to compile our knowledge on this topic to create a white paper that touches upon the challenges, benefits and best practices of implementing standardization in your IT infrastructure and centralization of IT procurement. Check out the white paper here! We hope it is helpful for you and your team.