The route to a headache-free global deployment

October 22, 2019

GSS- Headache-free global deployment

Nobody likes headaches, right? Well, this newly restructured global chemical specialist company was no different. Their unique portfolio, which reflects both their history and aspirations, required them to have an up-to-date hardware system in 65 sites across the globe while complying with strict budgetary requirements and established deadlines.

Upon their restructuring initiatives, this company was also facing reduced local IT manpower. Thus, they decided to involve the GSS team to help them with the delivery and the on-site installation of the hardware.

GSS, of course, was up for the challenge! Our professional services team established a workflow with other internal departments, and created a small centralized project team

The centralized project team had representatives from the following internal departments: Sales, Support, Project Management, Export Desk, Back Office, Finance, Internal IT and Warehouse.

The team’s sole purpose was to conduct a headache-free global deployment for our client.

The team treated every single location as an individual project and delivered an agile, standardized, and flexible global deployment despite the country or any location variations. Our team of experts decided to adopt a sequential process per server that ensured tight control over each stage along each server’s journey. Everything from procurement to onward integration within the client’s IT environment was planned and monitored by our team. The sequential approach was carried out simultaneously over multiple sites between 9 different waves. This approach helped us improve the speed of action, in order to respect the client’s deadlines, while ensuring the utmost quality and control at every turn.

The countries within the scope were: Germany, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United States, Sweden, Mexico, The Netherlands, Japan, India, Belgium, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Chile, Russia, Canada, Taiwan, Spain, Finland, and Norway.

Our Export Desk representative within the centralized project team focused on acting as a thorough liaison with local entities to ensure seamless delivery from door-to-door while providing the client with updates throughout the delivery process.

The global installations and professional services representatives started with a complete site survey for the preparation of any site-specific requirements. Then continued with the on-site installation of the boxes and a remote network check.  The project was completed once the client was presented with a full overview report.

In short, we provided them with a headache-free global deployment and on-site installations.

Our client received the following benefits:

  • VIP: The company’s representative interacted with a Single Point of Contact that orchestrated the global deployment of IT hardware.
  • COST CONTROL: No hidden costs caused by unexpected local uplifts from 3rd party contractors.
  • SIMPLICITY: We are one team – one roof. Our centralized project team strategy ensured that every link of the chain was at arm’s reach. This enabled us to provide heightened visibility, a clear overview at every junction, and the ability to rapidly respond to new requests or risks.
  • GLOBAL: Through our Single Point of Contact approach, services around the box could be deployed at every location around the globe.
  • EXPERTISE: Our Export Desk handled, tracked, and provided every shipment with updates throughout the delivery process. Our team focused on acting as a thorough liaison with local entities to ensure seamless hardware delivery from door-to-door.


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