GSS proud sponsor of the N.E.C. Old Stars

September 28, 2016

GSS is excited to announce the sponsoring of the N.E.C. Old Stars, the Nijmegen-based “walking football” team.

Former GSS employee and N.E.C. Old Stars player Ton Willems reached out to C.E.O. Roberto de Back to ask for support of his team. GSS is happy to support this variation of regular football that aims at promoting activity for people with reduced mobility or for people aged over 50.

“Walking football” was devised in 2011 in England and has been gaining ground across continental Europe since then. The rules are somewhat different from those of football as the game is played without any goalkeeper and the ball cannot be kicked above hip height. The size of the pitch can vary depending on the location.

For more information about this 2-year-minimum sponsorship, Read more.