GSS hosts digital transformation event in Amsterdam

August 28, 2022

After more than two years of online meetings and working from home, we finally got the opportunity to meet face-to-face again. We happily did so on the 14th of June, when the GSS team – in collaboration with Cisco – hosted an event at the Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. We value spending time with clients and getting their feedback on our services, but we also believe in the importance of clients interacting with each other. Therefore, we invited several clients and partners for some pretty engaging talks on digital transformation, focusing on the recent developments of global infrastructure strategies.

We kicked off this exciting day, catching up and, in some cases, meeting each other for the first time. After a few opening words from our CEO Martijn Niessen, Merel van Helsdingen took to the floor. The Nxt Museum director said technology is not only transforming how we live and do business, it’s also changing the art world. Throughout her presentation, Merel focused on the shifting trends in the art world, the so-called new media art, and the new wave of changes facilitated partly by the digital transformation of the past decade. The ways in which people interact and trade art has changed thanks to the metaverse and NFTs, with the latter serving as an expansion of the art industry.

Marnix Boot, Lead Enterprise & MSP at GSS, followed with a presentation focused on Edge Computing. While Edge remains one of the most important paradigms of digital transformation, organizations still face challenges when implementing it correctly. Marnix further explained that Edge compute solutions require, by definition, close proximity to users or businesses, but the geographic complexities of these requirements are often underestimated. Throughout his presentation, Marnix highlighted the need for organizations to take a centralized deployment approach and focus on consistency and technology standardization to tackle complexities and ensure global manageability.

After the presentations, our guests had a chance to enjoy the premier of the Nxt Museum’s latest exhibit. Titled “UFO- Unidentified Flying Other,” it also focused on the role digital transformation plays in defining a digital identity and the boundaries between the digital and real world.