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Do you think that fate has a role to play in the management of your devices? If so, let us show you otherwise.

Let's take batteries as an example. The default warranty on batteries is typically limited and not equal to the warranty duration of the laptop. Some will await the time it dies hoping that it'll be later than sooner. Others will make some educated guess about when that time comes and will plan accordingly. But when dealing with thousands - or even tens of thousands - of workspaces around the globe, is an educated guess enough?

Better than an educated guess: Proactive Management

Imagine having a tool to be informed ahead of time of the date the battery of a laptop will die. It may not sound that exciting at first. But scale it to tens of thousands of laptops and you quickly understand the benefits of being able to forecast accurately when to upgrade the laptops you manage or when to plan the replacement their batteries.

Today, HP Proactive Management provides cloud-based device analytics, reports and insights, for management and planning with HP TechPulse. HP TechPulse is a telemetry and analytics platform that provides critical data around devices and applications, putting deep learning at IT’s fingertips so they provide employees with the right PC, software, and services to succeed.
Learn more about HP Proactive Endpoint Management and HP Proactive Insights.

Two challenges met with one solution

If you are short on IT resources, you can leave the arduous task of securing, monitoring, and managing your multi-OS devices in the capable hands of our specialized Service Experts, who use HP TechPulse and industry-leading cloud-tools to help proactively anticipate problems and fix them before they occur – freeing up your IT staff to focus on other priorities. You can offload as little or as much of your device management as you would like.
With multiple locations around the globe, multinationals benefit the most from the solution.
With a heightened ability to forecast their needs, many clients are proactive and ask for a dedicated stock of laptops to be kept in-house to be shipped when a laptop needs replacement. But how to assess the volume of stock needed?
The duo HP Proactive Management and GSS Global Deployment meets two challenges with a single solution:
– Forecast accurately when and how many laptops will be needed ahead
– Have an exact count of dedicated stock kept at the site of a partner that will take that equipment wherever and whenever you need it across the globe

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